Lender Rate AER Min Advance + Reserve limit Incentive Notes Commission
Incl Scot/NI
 Sample rate 4/2/19 on Flexible 4.14% (male 62 in BS11 on £215,000 releasing £32+ £15150 in reserve)

Lump Sum Max sample rate 4.85% (female 76 in NG11 on £200,000 releasing £84K)

**sample rates from 4/2/19- No adviser fee charge, no cashback or IHG, no medial and val paid.

Individual pricing-Competitive  will dependent on the options and customer circumstances please call for helpdesk on 01326 567970 with client information

Fee £5 until further notice- normally £600

Min £10,000 advance with £5000 reserve to max loan minus their initial of 50% Max loan available Flexi tool, Opt for free valuation or cash back see notes **Rate output sheet must accompany application Ring 01326 567970 for rate  Valuation free fee option to £5 million and/or cash back, reflected in rate.Flexible repayment option subject to terms and ERC exemptions in certain circumstances.Flats 85% RULE 2.25% + 0.75% on reserve capped £500
Canada Life

Vol and interest- able to make payments



NEW Capital Select Options

from 4.56% (4.47% MER)   for reserve schemes-Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum

Voluntary  Gold from 5.69% (5.55% monthly accept up to 15% immediately)

Voluntary Platinum Age 55- from 6.29% (6.12% mer)

Interest select Gold from 5.49% (5.36%monthly)

Interest select Platinum from age 55 5.99% (5.83%)

** reserves available on all load the rate 0.2% per month.**

**Min £10,000 to Max LTV** up to £1m on Capital


Vola nd int £2,000,000



in £15000 advance facility of up to 10X initial Lump sum to max loan £500,000



Marketing if lender and sols routed through club

FREE VALUATIONS  FIXED ERC’s year 1-5 = 5% year 6-8 = 3% year 9 = nil  Reserve available to maximum.

Capital- similar to voluntary below except max contribution 10%

Voluntary- payment immediate by standing order, cheque or BACS. up to 15% from 6th December 17.

Down sizing after 5 years

2 borrowers become 1 death or long term care survivor can repay within 3 years.

Interest select -requires a minimum of 50% -100% monthly interest payments for a minimum of 5 years. If opt to switch then a 0.2% loading within this time limit.Lump Sum can have reserve.

2.3% + 1% on reserve  min £500  Paid at completion




Canada Life – lifestyle not geared for payments




 Lifestyle Options- roll up

*LITE 4.09% (4.02%)

Gold 4.48% (4.39%) Now from age 55 @ 11% lite and 16% gold

Platinum  6.79%(6.79%mer) age 60 @ 32%

Platinum with cash back 6.88% – 3% CB

** reserves available on all load the rate 0.2% per month.**

NEW Prestige Range large Loans rates from 5.37%



 ** Min £10,000 to max LTV up to £2 million



Prestige min £250,000 max £2 million


Marketing allowance if routing through club and solicitors.



 FREE VALUATIONS  FIXED ERC’s year 1-5 = 5% year 6-8 = 3% year 9 = nil  Reserve available to maximum

NOTE if using Platinum with cash back then ERC 8% in year 1-5 and 6% in year 6-8.

Min £10K – £1million

Prestige Free valuations, Fixed ERc’s 1-5 =10% 5-10 = 5%***

2.3% + 1% on reserve min £500 Paid at completion


2.3% + 1%

Capped at £30,000



Hodge Lifetime
Incl Scotland


 4.34% AER    (4.26%MER) or PLUS 4.64% (4.54%)
Flexible lifetime mortgage£595 lender fee added/deducted or paid separately


£15000 advance facility of up to 10X initial Lump sum to max loan £500,000  Enhanced broker fee & contribution to valuation  £1000 min withdrawal
Flexible Repayment Option incl.
Downsizing Protection incl.F
2.25% + 0.15% on reserve Enhanced (2% standard)
Incl Scotland
New schemes tiered LTV’s from age 55

J2 J3,J4 rates from NEW MER 4.89% (5.00%AER) ( rate loading for reserve 0.1%included) option to make interest payment and reduced rate based on 4 tiers.

Cashback available but rates increase

Fee free on above-call 01326 567970

J1-NEW MER 5.17% (5.29%AER)  Fee £600 added if required

Min £10,000 to initial

  Free  valuation  Free valuation uncapped. Please quote PERC when ordering quote with lender 2%Min £600 with 2% on drip once over £600
Legal & General home finance
Incl Scotland FROM 55 Standard range 4 payments per year up to 10% or Optional payments DDM collection monthly from £25.00 to full interest.NEW INCOME PLAN- Refer 01326 567970
 Flexi from  = 3.80% AER (3.74% mer)  London & South East RATE 3.82% AER (3.75%)£ZERO lender fee

Flexi PLUS  from  = 4.16% AER (4.08%) LONDON and South East  4.20% AER (4.12%)- £ Zero lenders fee

Flexi Max  4.95% (4.84%) for  LONDON and S/East 4.99%AER (4.88%) – £ Zero lenders fee

**Flexi Max Plus   5.74% London and S/EAST  5.80% AER –

£ Zero lenders fee

of lower rates on above if pay the £599 lender fee

***  Premier  3.71 % LONDON and S/East 3.73 AER (3.67%)  £0  arrangement fee with commission capped at £10,000 with anything over rebated to client

Premier fee £30 TT fee


Min £10,000 to Max LTV

Min age 55

  Broker procuration fee & free valuation Free valuation extended (with exception of  premier)

www.landghomefinance.com.Please route through the premier equity release club route.Flats 85% rule

2.25% Min £500 max £10,000 enhanced – anything over rebated to client-reserve 1% on drip
Legal & General home finance 
Incl Scotland
 2% CASH BACK deals

Flexi/Flexi Plus Rates from

Flexible   from 4.00%

Flexi Plus  from 4.36%

Flexi Max from 5.15%

Flexi Max Plus  from 5.94%

£zero lender fees .

Min £10,000 to Max LTV

Min 55

Broker procuration fee & Free  valuation FREE valuation extended has a 2% cash back on initial at completion. KFI www.landghomefinance.com Quote the premier equity release club route.Flats 85% rule 2.25% Min £500 max £10,000 – anything over rebated to client -enhanced  reserve 1% on drip


Incl Scotland
6.04%  Fee £695 deducted


Min £10,000 with 2 X max reserve Free valuations to £500K contribution over and uplift in broker commission Contact Jane for quotes please 0800 612 5423. Free valuations to £500,000 if over £284 contribution and increase procuration fee 1.5% on WHOLE FACILITY paid on completion
more 2 life  Min prop £70,000
Capital Choice

4.56% AER ( 4.47% mer) Draw down 4.88% (4.77%mer)limited to twice initial.

Capital Choice PLUS rates 4.96% (4.85%mer) Draw down 5.06% (4.95%mer)

Maximum Choice

5.85% (5.7%mer) from age 55 – 95- Higher LTV’s-

Option to pay val for lower rate

** Tailored Choice Enhanced  Large range and cash backs refer to lender website.

Cap and Max Min £15,000 to £1 million can do more if lower LTV


Min £15,000 to max LTV- England Max £600,000 Wales & Scotland £250,000

Free valuations, uplift in commissions Change user profile and then select club. Capital choice min £15,000 – £ 1 million

Maximum Choice- no lender fee£10,000-£1million

Tailored Choice  Free valuations Healthy age 60+ or Enhanced from 55 medical with medical rating 60 single and 65 joint (Enhanced Higher LTV’s)

Cap and Maximum 2.25% initial and 1.5% on draw down Club exclusive

Tailored Choice 2.25% min £600

Pure Retirement New Sovereign- rates from 3.83% MER over 5 tiers to 6.21% MER- rate loading depending on level of draw down*





Max lite DD1 -DD3 -5.11% – 5.61% AER

MAX DD1 – DD3 5.53% – 6.13%


Maxplus DD1 – DD3 5.69% – 6.29%

 Min £10,000-  on Soverign







Draw Down-Min £10,000 to Max LTV up to £2,000,000** Min £10,000 to max LTV up to £2 million






 Higher Procuration fee through club    Sovereign NEW with 3 levels on contributions and 3 levels of draw down- rate driven but with FIXED ERC, 1-5 yr = 5% 6-8 yr = 3% NEW FUNDING LINE


Draw down Higher LTV’s free val to £2m (if over refundable on completion Tiered levels and contributions


 2.3% enhanced Min £500- On Sovereign initial loan ONLY for Draw down schemes 2.3%- 1/2 of standard on trail for reserve

Please note: This information is for registered intermediaries. Not to issued to members of the public. Note: PERC club does not offer financial conduct regulated advice. Please always check rate, criteria and commission with lenders as this can change without notice.

To secure deals Aviva you need output sheet, Canada Life need you to be registered with PERC route other online lenders use the user profile and club select when quoting KFI’s and for manual lenders please quote PERc when ordering KFI’s and quote PERC in application of club route or branded application  or enclose PERC WRAP Submission which you can download here.

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